Coordination and management


Little fish – monitoring, conservation and improve local quality of life:
  • Further engaging local communities in the “peixinho” conservation
  • Studying the life cycle of “peixinho”, including both riverine and nearshore phases
  • Monitoring and management activities
  • Developing alternative livelihood for “peixinho” fishery, promoting responsible activities


Field surveys – oceanography and biodiversity:
  • The marine biodiversity data for São Tomé and Príncipe will be reviewed, and meteorological and oceanographic data will also be compiled from international databases


Fisheries – monitoring and preliminary assessing of local stocks:
  • Update inventors of fisheries resources
  • Characterize the fishing gears used
  • Quantify bycatch and discharges
  • Carry out stock indicator analysis and/or assessment


Capacity building and dissemination: intensive courses and dissemination of the project’s results to stakeholders, universities, local community and NGOs